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What is Couple and Marriage Counseling?

A couple’s pattern of behavior has a powerful influence on their relationship. In marriage and couple’s counseling the unit of treatment isn't just the person - it is the set of relationships in which the person is embedded.
  • Marriage and Couples Counseling is: brief, solution-focused, specific, with attainable therapeutic goals, designed with the "end in mind."
  • Work with an Expert in Marriage and Couples Counseling
  • Many therapists state that they do couples counseling. But, what is their training? Do they even have any significant training? Taking a single workshop in couple’s therapy is not enough to make a therapist an expert. Who you select as a counselor is critical to the success of your therapy. Couples counseling requires a specialist who has participated in a rigorous training program.

    • Does Couples Counseling work?
    • The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)  indicated that in a recent study, consumers report that marriage and family therapists are the mental health professionals they would most likely recommend to friends. Over 98 percent of clients of marriage and family therapists report therapy services as good or excellent.

    • Do you need couples or marriage counseling?

      • Do you seem to have the same arguments or problems over and over again?
        • Do you feel lonely, mistreated, misunderstood in your current relationship?
        • Do you wish you were closer to your spouse/boyfriend?
        • Have you contemplated divorce, separation, “walking away” from it all?
        • Have you had disruptions of your trust because of past relationships, internet flirting infidelity,  substance abuse, over-working, etc.?
        • Does it seem that you have fallen out of love?
        • Do fights get carried away? Do little problems get blown up?
        • Do your fight about parenting, finances, sex life, in-laws leave you feeling awful?

    About Dr. Groveman

    Dr. Alan Groveman is the director of the New Jersey Center for Couples Renewal. He has been a NJ licensed psychologist since 1982, with a special interest in working with couples. Dr. Groveman is a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) and supervisor. EFT is a systematic and structured approach that recognizes the primacy of emotions in organizing key interactional patterns. Studies show that 70% of couples working with an EFT therapist move from relationship distress to recovery in the course of the treatment. Approximately 90% show significant improvement. Dr. Groveman completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation, NYU Medical School. In addition, he served as a visiting clinical professor at UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and as a visiting professor at the graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University. In 1997, he served as the President of the New Jersey Psychological Association and is currently the Chair of the NJ Board of Psychological Examiners.

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